DC Motors
ABB A/S  www.abb.com
Provides a range of dc motors from 24 to 1400 kW
Baldor.com http://www.baldor.com
Manufacturers of a range of dc motors 

Rotomag.com http://www.rotomag.com
Manufacturers of wound field, permanent Magnet dc motors 

T-T Electric A/S www.t-telectric.com 
Provides DC motors from a range of 20 to 2000kW

Fracmo.com http://www.fracmo.com
Manufactures of Fractional DC motors and Brushless DC motors

Grainger.com http://www.grainger.com
Manufacturers of all types of DC motors and Drives

MaxonMotor.com http://www.maxonmotor.com
Manufacturers of Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

Kollmorgen.com http://www.kollmorgen.com
Manufacturers of permanent magnet, brushless  and frameless motors

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