Isolation Transformers

Name Website Country

Schaffer GmBH Germany
Isolation Transformers for PCBs up to 60VA  for screw fixture.

Victron Energy The Netherlands
Isolation Transformers 2000VA / 3600VA / 7000VA

Guangzhou Yongxiang Electrical Appliance Factory China
Manufacturers of single and three phase isolation transformers

Knel Control India
Manufacturers of Shielded Isolation Transformers for three phase application

Pliotron Torroidal Power Products Canada
Manufactures isolation Transformers for Medical application

Mastervolt Global
Isolation Transformers for Marine applications

Glentek USA
Manufactures single phase isolation transformers up to 2 kVA and three phase isolation transformers up to 9 kVA

General Electric Global
Supplies a wide range of isolation transformers

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