Power from the Sahara

The European Union is proposing an ambitious venture to install solar panels in the arid stretches of the Sahara, the world's largest desert.

These solar panels will be of the concentrated solar thermal type. consisting of a parabolic mirror which will focus the light and heat to a central tower.  An engine in the tower( Stirling engine) will convert the heat to mechanical energy which will power a generator.  This method is superior to the photovoltaic type of solar power generation in that it enables the heat energy to be stored and enables power generation during night time as well using the accumulated heat....Read More

Photo-Voltaic Cells - An Overview New DSO1000A series Oscilloscope from Agilent
Photo-Voltaic energy is an ideal choice of power for locations which are far from the electric grid. In many countries, it is not feasible to lay power lines to certain far-flung
areas as there may be a small no of consumers. Investing huge amounts of money in laying powerlines and maintaining them may not be economically viable. Providing power by means of diesel generators may be expensive....Read More.

Agilent Technologies have launched their new DSO1000A series of oscilloscope. Weighing within 3 kgs, the unit comes with a 2 or 3 channel facility.

The instrument has a bandwidth between 60 MHz to 200 MHz. It has a sampling rate of 2 GSa/s. It has a "True Zoom" mode that enables the user to zoom into a particular part of the waveform and display the entire waveform at the same time.The device can display about 21 measurements simultaneously....Read More

Engine Starter in Automobiles Ferranti Effect
Engine Starter in Automobiles The Starter motor in Automobiles is a DC motor which draws a high current. When the key is turned in the ignition, a solenoid operates a switch which
connects the battery to the starter motor. This starter solenoid switch is designed to carry the heavy current which flows from the battery to the starter. The starter motor engages with the a large gear ring around the rim of the engine flywheel....Read More
Ferranti Effect - An Overview Ferranti effect refers to the phenomenon in transmission lines when the receiving end voltage is higher than the sending end voltage. A long transmission line draws two types of currents. One is the current drawn by the load at the receiving end. Another current is the current drawn by the line capacitance.,,,Read More.

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