Harmonic Filters

Name Website Country

Schaffner Group http://www.schaffner.com Global
Manufacturers both Active and Passive Filters

MTE Corporation http://www.mtecorp.com USA
Solutions for both Three phase and single phase applications

Harmonic Filters India http://harmonicfilters.in/ India
Harmonic Filters for Steel Industries

ABB http://www.abb.co.in Global
Tailor made Harmonic Solution incorporation a wide variety of harmonic filters

FUSS EMV http://www.fuss-emv.de Germany
Manufacturers of EMC filters, line suppression chokes and Harmonic Filters

Shandong Hoteam Technologies Co., Ltd. http://en.huatian.com.cn China
Active and Passive Harmonic Filters and reactive power compensation equipment

Claritas India  http://www.claritasindia.com/ India
Suppliers of Tuned and detuned harmonic filters

Enertech UPS http://www.enertechups.com India
Manufacturers of Active Harmonic Filters