Power Cables

Name Website Country

Finolex Cables http://www.finolex.com/index.aspx India
1.1KV Aluminium / Copper conductor with PVC & XLPE insulation

Nu Core http://www.nu-core.com/fpc.html USA
Flexible Power Cables

Kaydour Cables http://www.kaydourcables.com/ India
Manufacturers of Power and Control Cables

RPG Cables http://www.rpgcables.com/ India
XLPE cables from 66 V to 132 kV in India

Delton Cables http://www.deltoncables.com India
L.V.   XLPE  insulated unarmoured  and Armoured Power Cables

Gallant and Wein http://www.galwein.com/ USA
Manufacturers of all types of Cables