Power Cables

Name Website Country

Relemac Cables http://www.relemaccables.com India
Manufacturers of cables for various automation systems

Basic Wire and Cable http://www.basicwire.com/ USA
Manufacturer & Supplier of Specialty Wire & Cables, for Industrial Power, Lighting, , Automation, etc

FSC Global http://www.fscglobal.com United Kingdom
Instrument cables cover for applications such as building management systems and Petrochemical Industries

Shen Tai Electric Industry Ltd http://www.shentai.com.tw/en Taiwan
Manufacturers of Shielded and Unshielded Instrumentation Cables

KEI Wires and Cables http://www.kei-ind.com India
Manufacturers of Cables for Process Instrumentation

Hitech Cable Assembly Systems http://www.hitech.ca/ Canada
Providers of custom wire and cable assemblies

Instrumentation Cables http://www.instrumentationcables.net/ India
Supplies instrumentation cables of various types such as paired, individual and tried cables

Kflex Cables http://www.kflexcables.com India
Suppliers of Single, Multicore, Flexible Instrumentation Cables