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Manufacturers of Power Transformers

VoltAmp Transformers
Makers of oil filled, dry type transformers for various applications

Siemens Industry

Manufacturers of a wide range of transformers for various applications

GE Industrial

Global manufacturers of Transformers

Crompton Greaves

Provides transformers from 25 kVA to 600 MVA

Ruhstrat GmbH

Manufacturers of transformers from 50 VA upto 8 MVA with voltage rating upto 36 kV

Jelonek Transformers

Suppliers of three phase transformers upto 20 MVA and single phase transformers upto

ABB Transformers

Provides  a full range of transformer products and solutions for ANSI, IEC and other local standards.

Transformers and Rectifiers India

Manufactures transformers for diverse applications upto 1000MVA and 1200 kV

Oil Filtration  and Regeneration Services

Provides Transformer Oil Regeneration 

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