Steam Separation in Boilers

The steam that is generated from the boiler is wet steam.  This steam has water droplets suspended in it.  The water in steam can damage the components of a boiler system by way of corrosion.  It has lower energy carrying capacity.

Steam Separators are devices used to separate the suspended water from the steam.  There are many different methods to achieve this.  One method is the use of baffles which are placed in the path of the steam.  The baffles collect the water from the steam. 

Another method is by using the centrifugal principle.  The steam is passed through a chamber where there is a rotary device which spins the steam.  Due to the centrifugal principle, water which has a higher mass is separated from the steam and collected. 

Another method is by passing the steam through a wire mesh known as a demister.  The water particles tend to collect in the mesh while the steam alone passes. 

Steam separators usually use more than one method to separate the water droplets from the steam.