Water Level in the Boiler

Maintaining the proper level in a Boiler is a very important aspect of boiler control.  A boiler should have a reliable water level controller.  There are many automatic controllers which automatically keep the level of the water within the specified limits.  The boiler can be seriously damaged if the level of water is not maintained.

Boilers will also have alarms which alert the operator if the water level falls or exceeds the safe limits. If the water level rises above the safe limit, it can result in priming and carryover.  If the water level increases, it can exceed the horizontal limit of the boiler, the surface area for steam generation will then reduce.

If the water level falls below the safe limits, the tubes of the boiler will be exposed.  This will result in the tubes getting overheated and they can rupture.

The level of water in the boiler is also dependent on the pressure.  If the steam pressure is reduced, the water level rises.  If the pressure is increased, the level can fall.