What is the function of Soot Blowers in a Boiler ?

Soot Blowers are devices used for cleaning in boilers.  The Soot Blower is a mechanical device which cleans the deposits due to fouling in the furnace.  The Soot Blower consists of a cleaning medium such as steam, compressed air or water.

It directs jets of the medium on the surfaces and tubes to be cleaned.  Special injectors which can precisely focus the jets on to the tubes are used.  Removing the soot deposits greatly improves the efficiency of the boilers. 

There are different types of Soot Blowers such as the insertable soot blowers which can be inserted into the tubes as well as the rotating kinetic type of soot blowers. 

The soot blower can be operated manually by an operated or it can be made automatic to operate at specific intervals.  Boilers will have a specific cleaning cycle which depends on the size of the boiler, type of coal used, operating load, etc.

Soot Blowers which are powered by compressed air will have a dedicated air compressor for soot blowing.  The soot blowing equipment is generally galvanized to withstand the corrosive effect of the gases