What is Superheated Steam

Superheated Steam is steam which does not have any water droplets.  When saturated steam is heated,  the water droplets which are suspended get converted into steam.  Superheated steam is also called dry steam.  Superheated Steam is used to drive turbines. 

Superheated steam has a lower density and higher temperature. 
The main advantage of superheated steam is that there are no droplets.  In turbines, where the steam moves at high velocity, any water droplet which hits the turbine blades can seriously damage the blades or cause corrosion. 

Superheated Steam can store large quantities of internal energy and can release them during expansion.  This is utilized in turbines.  Superheated Steam has higher change in specific volume when it cools.  This enables better efficiency in turbine operation. 

Superheated Steam has low oxygen.  Hence, there is a reduced risk of corrosion in components using superheated steam.