Boiler Water Treatment

The water in the boiler should be kept within proper chemical paramaters.  The treatment of boiler water is intended to facilitate proper heat exchange, protection from corrosion and the generation of steam.

Boiler water treatment can be categorized into two main categories.

External Treatment in which the water is taken out of the boiler and treated and
Internal Treatment in which the water is treated while still in the boiler

External Treatment
Some of the processes done in external treatment are softening, evaporation, deaeration, etc.

Internal Treatment
Internal treatment involves conditioning the water inside the boiler through chemicals.

Internal treatment is generally done in low or moderate pressure boilers.

Internal treatments is intended to prevent

  • water hardness and the formation of scales.
  • to prevent sludge from settling in the boiler walls.
  • To prevent foam carryover by providing anti foam protection.
  • To remove oxygen from the water to maintain water alkalinity to prevent corrosion.