Wrought Iron and Cast Iron

Wrought Iron is iron, which has been heated and then worked to produce a desired shape.  Wrought iron is tough and highly malleable.  As a result, it can be heatd and beaten into any shape.  Wrought iron consists of elemental iron and a small amount of slag.  It is also highly ductile.  Wrought iron has high tensile strength and can resist fatigue. 

Cast Iron is iron which has been melted and poured into a mould.  Cast Iron has high quantity of carbon, as a result of which, it is highly brittle and hard.  It has, however, high compressive strength which is desirable.  It has poor malleability and ductility. 

Both Wrought iron and Cast Iron are vulnerable to corrosion, particularly, when exposed outside. Protective coatings can be applied to prevent this.