301 What is Newton's Law of Viscosity ?
302 What is a Newtonian Liquid
303 What is Rheology ?
304 What are Peristaltic Pumps ?
305 What are Metering Pumps ?
306 What is a diaphragm pump ? Where is it used ?
307 What is the difference between a plunger pump and ...
308 How does a plunger pump work ?
309 A comparison of Centrifugal and Positive Displacem...
310 What is a Positive Displacement Pump ?
311 What is Cavitation in Pumps
312 What are Shear Sensitive Liquids ?
313 Why can't we use Centrifugal Pumps for Viscous Flu...
314 What is Velocity Head in Pumps ?
315 Suction Head and Delivery Head in Pumps
316 What do we mean by priming the pump ?
317 What are the different parts of the Centrifugal Pu...
318 Centrifugal Diffuser Pump
319 Hydraulic Efficiency of a pump
320 What is the Volumetric Efficiency of a Pump ?
321 What is the function of the Volute in a discharge ...
322 Water Extraction Pumps
323 What is a Circulation Pump ?
324 What is WaterJet Cutting ?
325 What is Impeller Trimming in Pumps ?
326 Balancing the Pump Rotors
327 Wet Rotor Design in Pumps
328 What is the function of Wear Rings in Pumps ?
329 Galling in Materials
330 Wear Resistant Coating
331 Wear Resistance in Materials
332 What are the losses in a pump ?
333 What is the Best Efficiency Point in Pump Operatio...
334 What do we mean by Wire to Water Efficiency in Pum...
335 Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers
336 What is a Utility Boiler ?
337 Steam Jet Draught in Boilers
338 Water Tube Boilers-An Overview
339 Fire Tube Boilers
340 Classification of Boilers based on fuels
341 How are boilers classified on the basis of pressur...
342 Shell of the Boiler
343 Electrically powered Boilers
344 What is the difference between Net Calorific Value...
345 Efficiency in Boilers
346 What is Turndown Ratio in Boilers ?
347 What do we mean by Kettling in Boilers ?
348 What causes foaming in Boilers ?
349 Boiler Feed water
350 Conductivity Probes for Level Monitoring in the Bo...
351 Water Level in the Boiler
352 Level Indicators in Boilers
353 What is the function of a fusible plug in a Boiler...
354 What is the function of a steam throttling valve i...
355 What are Boiler Mountings ?
356 What is Stoichiometric Combustion in a Boiler ?
357 What is the role of Excess Air in the Combustion P...
358 What is a Condensate Slug in Steam Lines ?
359 What is a Velox Boiler ?
360 What is a supercharged Boiler ?
361 Pulverised Coal in Boiler
362 What is the significance of draft in boiler combus...
363 What is the significance of the Stack Temperature ...
364 What are the combustion losses in a boiler ?
365 What is the function of an in a Economizer in a b...
366 Steam Washing in Boilers
367 Steam Separation in Boilers
368 What is the function of Soot Blowers in a Boiler ?...
369 What is fouling in boilers ? How is it caused ?
370 What is a Slag Screen ? What is its function in th...
371 Slag Formation in Boilers
372 What is the function of the Baffles in a Boiler ?
373 What is a Cyclone Furnace ?
374 Thermal Spray in Boilers
375 What is Tangential Firing in Boilers ?
376 What are the different methods of firing a Boiler ...
377 What is the function of a Flash Tank in a Boiler ?...
378 What do we mean by Fired and Unfired Boilers ?
379 What are the advantages of Super-critical Boilers ...
380 What is super-critical and sub-critical pressure i...
381 What are Mobile Boilers ?
382 What is the difference between a steam boiler and ...
383 What is a waste heat recovery boiler ?
384 What are the materials used for boiler constructio...
385 Factors which influence the Type of Boiler
386 Burner in Boiler
387 Steam Traps-An Overview
388 What is the function of Screen Tubes in the Boiler...
389 Water Walls in Boilers
390 Super heater in Boiler
391 Steam Drum in the Boiler
392 British Thermal Units and Boilers
393 What is Lagging in Boilers ?
394 Spray-On Ceramic Insulation
395 Bottom Blowdown in Boiler
396 What is Saturated Steam ?
397 Carryover in Boiler Steam
398 Priming in Boilers
399 Boiler Blowdown Rate
400 Boiler Blowdown Percentage
401 Vacuum Deaerators-An Overview
402 Deaeration of Boiler Water
403 Silica in Boiler Water
404 Scaling in Boilers
405 What is Superheated Steam
406 Hammering in Boiler Systems
407 Vacuum Pumps
408 Oxygen Attack in Boilers
409 What is Chemical Deaeration in Boilers ?
410 What are Membrane Contactors ?
411 Draught in Boilers
412 Package Boilers
413 Carbon Dioxide in Boiler Water
414 Insulation in Boilers
415 Surface Blowdown in Boiler
416 Stroboscopic Effect in Fluorescent Lamps
417 Structure of an Optical Cable
418 How do Electronic Ballasts in Fluorescent lights w...
419 Why does the resistance of metals increase when th...
420 What is the effect of temperature on semiconductor...
421 Joints in Optical Cables
422 Optical Fibre Cleaver
423 Optical Fusion Splicers-An Overview
424 What is an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer ?
425 What is the Q factor of an inductor ?
426 Molded Chokes-An Overview
427 What is a Choke ?
428 Comparison of Optical Fibres and Metallic Wires
429 Terminating Resistors-An Overview
430 What is a Band Stop Filter?
431 What is a Band Pass Filter?
432 What is a High Pass Filter ?
433 What are Low Pass Filters ?
434 Air Termination Rods
435 Bonded Connections-An Overview
436 Voltage Limiting Devices for Electric Traction
437 Recurrent Surge Oscillation Test
438 Half Wave Rectifier
439 Full Wave Rectifier with Centre Tapped Transformer...
440 Controlled Rectifiers
441 Bridge Rectifiers - An Overview
442 Class B Chopper
443 How are Choppers Classified
444 Choppers-An Overview
445 Band Theory of Conduction
446 Germanium in Electronics-An Overview
447 Silicon Diodes-An Overview
448 Silicon as a Semiconductor-An Overview
449 Depletion Region in the PN junction
450 Barrier Potential in a PN Junction
451 P type Material and N type Material
452 Diffusion Current in the PN junction
453 Cable Sleeves-An overview
454 Electrical Safety Mats
455 Useful Links
456 What is a Synchronous Phase Modifier
457 Comparison of Series and Shunt Capacitors
458 What is percentage compensation in Transmission Li...
459 Submarine Power Cables
460 Gas Filled Cables
461 Properties of High Voltage Dielectrics
462 Impregnated Cables
463 Dust in Electrical Equipment
464 Tracking in Electrical Insulation
465 Aging of Electrical Insulation
466 V/Hz In Electric Machines
467 Constant Torque Operation in Motors
468 Derating in Motors
469 Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) in Motors
470 Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Motors
471 Open Drip Proof (ODP) Motors
472 Common Terms in Insulator Design
473 AC Servomotors and DC servomotors-A comparison
474 Creepage and Clearance in Electrical Equipment
475 Altitude and Electrical Equipment
476 Solid State Auxiliary Relays and Electromechanical...
477 Reduced Voltage Starting in Motors
478 Oil Directed Air Forced Cooling- (ODAF)
479 Oil Forced Water Forced (OFWF) Cooling of Transfo...
480 Transformer Temperature Rise Ratings
481 What are asynchronous Motors ?
482 Induction Motors vs Synchronous Motors-A compariso...
483 Comparison of Open Loop and Closed Loop Control Sy...
484 Requirements of a Good Control System
485 Types of Control Systems
486 VA Burden in Protection Relaying
487 Electric Furnace Sequencers-An Overview
488 How do microwave ovens work ?
489 Incoloy Sheathed Electric Heaters
490 Industrial Electric Ovens-An Overview
491 What are Rotating Diodes ?
492 Parts of a Synchronous Machine
493 Advantages and Disadvantages of Electro-Mechanical...
494 Common Terms in Relay Protection
495 Types of Relays
496 Ferromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Materi...
497 Reluctance Motor-An Overview
498 Applications of Synchronous Motors
499 Solo, Island and Grid Parallel Mode in Synchronous...
500 Hunting in Synchronous Generators
501 Methods of Starting Synchronous Motors
502 Synchronous Condenser -An Overview
503 Self-Excited Induction Generators
504 Capacitor Boosters
505 Furnace Transformers
506 Cable deterioration due to Oil
507 Flexible Industrial Cables-An overview
508 Submersible Wires-An Overview
509 Stripping Conductors- An Overview
510 Crimping in Wires and Conductors
511 Calibration of Pressure Sensors
512 What is Enamelled Copper ? Where is it used ?
513 Aging in Transformers
514 Generator Step Up Transformers-An Overview
515 Electromagnetic Interference-Classification
516 Faraday Cages
517 Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
518 High Temperature Pressure Sensors-An Overview
519 Aneroid Barometer
520 Barometers -An Overview
521 What is the unit of Vacuum ?
522 What is an Altimeter ?
523 What is the difference between absolute pressure a...
524 U tube Manometer - Pressure Measurement
525 The Units of Pressure
526 Differential Pressure Measurement
527 Eye Bolts in Motors-An Overview
528 Foundation Bolts in Machines
529 Shunt in Galvanometer
530 What is Reluctance in a magnetic circuit ?
531 Electromagnetic Torque, Synchronous Torque and Rel...
532 Jewel Bearings
533 Phosphor Bronze-An overview
534 What is a Galvanometer ? How does it work ?
535 What is a Mirror Galvanometer ?
536 What is a Pyrometer ?
537 What are Temperature Baths ? Where are they Used ?...
538 Loop Resistance in Current Signal Circuits
539 Humidity Sensors-An Overview
540 Temperature Switches
541 Thermostats-An Overview
542 Gas Filled Temperature Gauges
543 What are the types of bearings used in Motors ?
544 Soft foot in Electrical equipment
545 Vertically Mounted Motors
546 Grease in Electric Motors
547 Infrared Thermometer
548 Noise in Electric Motors
549 Bimetal Thermometer-An Overview
550 Thermo Electric Generator
551 Thermowells for sensors and instruments
552 Why are gauge type instruments filled with glyceri...
553 Heat Conducting Paste for Temperature Sensors and ...
554 Heat Sinks in Electronics-An Overview
555 Thermal Paste in Electronics-An Overview
556 Thermal Pads for CPU cooling
557 Winding and Bearing Temperature measurement in Mot...
558 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the i...
559 Harmonic Torques in the Induction Motor
560 Cogging in induction motors
561 Induction Motor rotor-Construction
562 Peripheral Speed in Electric machines
563 Windage Losses in Electric Machines
564 Power Flow in an induction motor
565 Braking methods in Induction motors
566 What is the efficiency of the Electric Motor ?
567 How are ceramic fuses different from glass fuses ?...
568 Glass Fuses
569 HRC Fuses-An Overview
570 Fuses-Resource Page
571 Alternators-Resource Page
572 Transformers-Resource Page
573 Resource Page - Earthing
574 Hermetically Sealed Transformers
575 Natural Ester Oils for Transformer Cooling
576 Silicone Coolant in Transformers
577 Capacitor Duty Contactor-An Overview
578 Resource Page- Motors
579 Resource Page-Cables
580 Resource Page-Capacitors
581 Resource Page - Batteries
582 What are Low Smoke and Zero Halogen Cables ?
583 What are the differences between Solid Conductors ...
584 Converter Transformers- An Overview
585 Automotive Cables-An Overview
586 Instrumentation Cables-An Overview
587 Solar Cables-An Overview
588 Heat Resistant Cables - An Overview
589 Transformer Oil Regeneration
590 What is the significance of Acidity in Transformer...
591 What are the effects of sludge in Transformer Oil ...
592 Medical Isolation Transformers
593 Traction Transformers-An Overview
594 Unbalanced Loading on Generators
595 Zero Sequence Current in the Generator
596 Parasitic Drain in Car Batteries
597 Mixing AC and DC supplies in a circuit
598 Battery Testers - An Overview
599 Self Discharge in Batteries
600 Automotive Fuses