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Basic Principle of a DC Motor

Principle of DC motors (includes Assembly)

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Transformer :

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Basics of Transformers: Contains information on the basics of a transformer and the general principlesFundamentals of Transformers: Provides an overview of transformers and their designDetails of Transformers: Detailed information on all aspects of the transformers including types and design principles.Theory of a Transformer: Provides detailed information in an academic perspective on the theory behind the transformer

Fact of the Day

In 1827, Georg Ohm defined an empirical relationship between the current flowing through a wire and the voltage potential required to drive that current
Ohm's law, states that the potential difference between two points along a connected path and the current flowing through it are proportional at a given (i.e., fixed) temperature:

Basics of Relay Logic

Fundamentals of a Relay

Description of a Relay and the important specifications