Scopemeters - An Overview

A scope meter is a handheld instrument that is used to see electrical parameters in graphical form. It can be described as a combination of a multimeter and an oscilloscope. It can be used to take measurements of the magnitude and frequency of a signal such as current and voltage.

A scope meter is an effective instrument in troubleshooting. As it displays the parameters in graphical form, transients and other momentary variations can be identified. This enables the identifications of improper and loose connections, grounding loops, etc which may be missed by indicating instruments.

Modern Scopemeters can also be connected to a computer by means of a USB port and the data collected can be transferred into the computer for analysis. The Scopemeter usually comes with software for this purpose. They also have recording and playback facility.

Since, scopemeters are handy and battery powered, they are portable and can be taken around easily unlike oscilloscopes.

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