Low Voltages Switches

Switches are used in low voltage for switching power on and off in a system.  These switches find application in industries, buildings and utilities, etc.  The switches are designed to be operated with a handle to interrupt the power supply.  They are sometimes enclosed within a plastic or metallic enclosure(aluminium or steel).

Low voltage switches are available at different breaking capacities. 
This is an important factor which should be taken care of at the design stage.  For high fault level conditions, interruptor switches with high current breaking capacity are ideal.  Where the fault level is moderate, safety switches can be used.  Isolating switches or isolators are used are used to isolate the circuit after the circuit has been opened.

Low Voltage switches have a provision to padlock the switches in the open position. The body is usually made of self-extinguishing material as a precaution against fire.  There are non-fusible and fusible models(with a provision for backup fuse) available.