Product Review - Fluke Earth Testers 1623 and 1625

Fluke has launched two new series of earth testers 1623 and 1625 ground testers.  The testers offer a new kind of earth resistance measurement known as stakeless testing, in addition to the conventional fall-of-potential method used for 3 and 4 pole earth resistance loop testing.

Stakeless testing us particularly useful in earthing grid systems where there are more than one electrodes.  In stakeless earthing, the electrodes do not have to be disconnected from the grid. 

The device has the facility to filter out interference from a specific frequency as it conducts the measurement.  In addition, the instrument also measures earth impedance at 50Hz in addition to the resistance to more accurately visualise a prospective line-to-earth fault. 

The unit can also measure soil resistivity using the 4 pole method.

The Fluke 1625 tester comes with two test leads, 4 ground earth stakes, 3 cable reels with wire, 2 clamps and a set of batteries