Product Review : Slip Over Current Transformers from ABB

Slip-over CTs are used in applications where it is difficult to install conventional Current Transformers.

These current transformers can be "slipped over" bushings, terminals of Circuit breakers whenever any new upgradation or modification of the system needs to be carried out.

Slip over Current transformers are easy to replace with minimum downtime.

Kuhlman Electric Corporation (now acquired by ABB) has launched the Accuslip series of current transformers.  These current transformers can be used for both metering and protection.  ABB says that these current transformers can provide high accuracy measurement even at low ranges. The series is expected to deliver an accuracy of 0.15%.

According to ABB, these current transformers can be custom designed to meet any application.  The transformers can also be provided with an optional ground shield and mechanical supports.