Paper Insulation

Paper being an insulating and dielectric medium finds wide application as an insulation for cables. Paper is made up of cellulose a very good dielectric.

Some of the common types of insulation paper are the kraft paper and the crepe paper.  kraft paper is obtained from the pulp of soft wood.  When this kraft paper is impregnated with liquids to enhance BDV and maintain pH, crepe paper is obtained.

Crepe paper is flexible and tough which enables it to be wound over sharp turns in the windings.  Semi-conducting insulation paper is used in some transformer winding to ground the leakage winding.  

Transformerboard is a kind of paper insulation which provides has a rigid structure.  It is widely used for transformer insulation.

Fish Paper is another kind of insulating paper which is vulcanized.  Fishpaper can even be machined to form a specific shape.  It has excellent insulating and mechanical properties