Ultra Isolation Transformers

          Ultra Isolation Transformers are a type of isolation transformers used in sensitive electronic systems.  They are also known as noise-cut off Transformers. 

          Isolation Transformer are transformers which are used to provide isolation between two parts of a circuit.  Isolation Transformers work by using a grounded shield between the primary and the secondary winding.  This shielding is used to prevent capacitive coupling between the primary and the secondary.

          Nevertheless, ordinary isolation transformers may not be enough for sensitive electronic systems such as those in hospitals, digital communication systems and sophisticated telemetry systems where the measured signals can be distorted due to noise and other disturbances.  Noise, spikes and transients can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

          Ultra Isolation Transformers filter out noise other disturbances caused by switching transients. While they are constructed similar to isolation transformers, an electrostatic shield is used to reduce the capacitive coupling between the primary and the secondary.  The filtering effect is bi-directional i.e. any noise produced by the equipment connected to the ultra isolation transformer will also not be transmitted to the system.  Noise generating loads can thus be contained.

Ultra Isolation Transformers can also be used in a cascade.  The cascade greatly increases the filtering effect produced.