Wooden Transmission Poles

Wooden Transmission Poles are used in LV and MV power transmission systems.   Wooden Poles have the advantage of being light and cheap. Wooden poles are also aesthetically more pleasing and blend better with the landscape.

Wooden Transmission Poles are generally supported by means of guy wires and usually have a metal cap on the top.  

The wood used to make these poles needs to be properly treated to prevent damage due to pests and decay.  Wooden Transmission Poles are Creosoted which means that they are pressure-treated with creosote, a chemical that provides protection against fungi, insects and marine borers.  

Wooden Poles are made from specific trees such as Pinus Sylvestris, Douglas Fir, southern Yellow Pine, etc.   The disadvantage of wooden poles is that the life of these poles cannot be predicted accurately and thus, they need to be frequently inspected.  Another downside is that these poles sometimes tend to rot at the bottom, especially, in waterlogged locations.