APC UPS Systems - A Guest Post

UPS or Uninterrupted Power Systems are widely used in offices, hospitals, industries, in telecommunication as a back up against sudden power cuts. Sudden Power cuts can cause disturbances and losses in the form of lost data, interruption to life support systems in hospitals and unpredictable behaviour in industrial systems. A UPS which usually consists of an battery system and an inverter steps in the moment the supply voltage dips beyond a certain value preventing the interruption of supply to critical systems.

The central part of the UPS is the battery which stores power when the supply is available and makes power available when the mains supply is switched off. A UPS system can provide power backup for a time period ranging from a few minutes to many hours. The duration of the back up supply depends on the capacity of the battery. APC is a division of Schneider Electric which deals with UPS and Power back up systems. The company provides a wide range of batteries with different capacities and ratings for the power back up solutions.

Besides their use as sources of back up power, these batteries can also be used to protect critical equipment against sudden dips in the voltage which can electronic equipment to switch off or reset causing unwanted interruption. APC provides a wide range of UPS solutions for Homes, Small Business and for Large Corporations. The UPS provides sine wave output and distinct LED indicators which indicate the state of the battery and the power conditions.

The systems have a Home away switch which charges the batteries while you are away besides a intelligent battery charging system which enables controlled charging of the batteries thus prolonging battery life. All products are backed by a warranty and the wide service network of APC.

You can check out their products in their website http://www.apc.com

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