Wireless Switches

Wireless Switches are used in homes, godowns, offices, etc to remotely control an electric appliance such as a lamp or a fan. Wireless switches work by preventing power from flowing through a receiver into the device.

The switch is mounted to the switchboard of the plug. The appliance to be controlled is connected through the device. When the switch is operated, it emits a radio frequency which activates or deactivates the receiver controlling the supply to the device. Wireless Switches can result in energy savings as it is easy to switch off the lights and fans in the room at the press of a single switch from another room.

Wireless switches can also be used to dim lights or reduce the speed of fans. You can adjust the lighting to suit your moods. You can switch on the lights when opening the front door when you return home in the evening. Wireless switches can be used to save energy. Dimmed lights consume less power. You can control your energy consumption while using optimum lighting.

Wireless switches can also be made part of a lighting program. These lighting programs can be activated when you are on a vacation. Lights can be switched on and off at different times of the day. This gives an impression that your house is occupied and can ward potential burglars and thieves.

Here is a video which describes the wireless switch and its function