Lightning Masts

Lightning Masts are used to protection installations from lightning.  They are different from other forms of lightning protection in that they are made of a single long pole which is raised to a height of a few metres.

Lightning masts are made of aluminium, steel or galvanised iron. 

Masts are advantageous over shielding wires in that they are more robust.  There have been cases where shielding wires have failed due to the high current and causing the installation to be without protection. 

Masts are cheaper that shielding wires.  A mast with a pointed tip will also attract lightning more easily. 

The area around the mast which is protected is called the "cone of protection".  The area on the ground which lies within 30 degrees from the tip of the mast is called the cone of protection. 

More than one lightning mast can be used depending on the size of the area to be protected.