Remotely operated MCBs

Remote Operated MCBs are MCBs which have a provision for remote operation.  Conventional MCBs are used to trip the circuit in the event of an overcurrent.  They are not,however, sensitive to variations in voltage. 

The remote operated MCBs can be connected to a voltage monitoring relay which can trip the MCB in the event of an overvoltage or an undervoltage.  This can be ideal for equipment which are voltage-sensitive.

Remote operated MCBs can also be used in applications where it is practically difficult to operate the MCBs.  An example would be a motor which is located at a height along with the MCB. 

The remote operated MCBs also permit the remote resetting of the MCB.  MCBs of equipments which are located at a distance can be reset remotely from the control room. 

Ordinary MCBs can be fitted with actuators which trip them in response to a remote command.