Transformers – Resource Page

The following are links to articles relating to Transformers which we have carried in our website over the years.  

Hope you find them useful.

Dry Type Transformers

Determining the vector group of transformers

Comparison of Dry Type Transformers and Oil Filled Transformers

Overfluxing in Transformers

Noise in Transformers

Power Transformers - Introduction

Leakage Transformers

Nitrogen in Transformers

What are the reasons for transformer overheating?

Gas formation in Transformers

Transformer Classification based on the Cooling Medium

Zig Zag Transformers

Conditions for Paralleling two Transformers

What is the function of the Conservator in a Transformer

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Transformer Oil Deterioration

All Day Efficiency of a Distribution Transformer

Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformers

Solutions for Noise and Vibration in Transformers

Calculating the percentage impedance of a Transformer

Turns Ratio and Voltage Ratio of Transformers

K-rated Transformers

Grounding Transformers

Amorphous Metal Transformers

Distribution Transformers

Ferrite Core for High Frequency Transformer

Toroidal Transformers

Control Transformers

Lighting Transformer

Zero-Switching of Transformers

Isolation Transformers

Coefficient of coupling in a transformer

Transformer Oils.

Ultra Isolation Transformers

How Autotransformers work

Metals in Transformer Oil

Understanding and Preventing Transformer Explosions

Measuring the exciting current of a Transformer

Water in Transformer Oil

Losses in a Transformer