Oil Leakages in Transformers

Oil Leakages are a frequent issue in Transformers which if not properly addressed can result in serious accidents such as fire or explosions.  Oil can also cause accidents due to slipping. 

Besides, Transformer oil is an environmental pollutant.  Spillage of Transformer oil can result in severe penalty for environmental violations. 

Oil Leakages can be detected visually most of the times.  However, some minor leakages are not always detectable by the naked eye.  Special techniques such as the application of special fluids which indicate oil leakage by changing colour.

Once an oil leakage is detected, it needs to be arrested and the point of leakage should be plugged.  Welding the leakage would require switching off the transformer and draining the oil.

Transformer oil leaks can be rectified by the application of special polymeric compounds and putties which cure and seal off the leakage. 

Leakages can be prevented by ensuring that the elastomeric components of the transformer such as the gaskets, O rings, etc are replaced at the scheduled replacement intervals.  The Transformer should be properly painted and any damage to the painting should be properly rectified. 

In addition to oil leakages, in transformers filled with Nitrogen the leakage above the oil surface can result in the leakage of nitrogen.  The leakage of the inert gas can be confirmed by applying a soapy solution and observing the bubbles.