What are the different parts of the the electrical system in a car ?

The modern car has a sophisticated electrical system.  Electricity is used for starting the engine.  Petrol engines need a spark for ignition which is provided by the spark plug.  Power is required for lighting.  Other equipments such as the engine starter, windshield wiper, the heater and the engine fan all require power for operation.

The power for the electrical system in a car comes from the battery.  The battery in turn is charged by the alternator which is driven by the engine.  The power developed by the Alternator is AC which is rectified and stored in the battery.  

The electrical system in the car has the negative grounded.  Each equipment, thus, requires only one wire which is the positive.  The negative of the battery is grounded to the car body.  The supply reaches the equipment through the wire and returns to the battery through the car body.  

The chief components of the electric system in a car are 
  1. Alternator
  2. Battery
  3. Starter
  4. Lights
  5. Wiper Motor
  6. Wiper liquid pump motor
  7. Windscreen wiper motor
  8. Fan Motor