What is the permisible amount of current which can pass through the human body

When a current passes through a human body, it can cause damage in the form of burns.  The burns can also happen in the internal organs as the current passes through the body.  The resistance offered by the body is only by the skin.  Blood, being an electrolyte,  is a good conductor of electricity.

The normal limits of current and the effects they produce are as follows.

1mA - Slight Tingling Sensation

1mA -6mA- This is the let-go current when it is possible to let going of a live object.

9mA to 25 mA - Loss of Muscular control.  In this range, it is not possible to let go of the live object

>25mA - Muscles controlling breathing are affected.

50 - 100mA - Fibrillation.  The electric rhythm of the heart is disturbed. The heart stops.  This is a life threatening condition.