HRC Fuses-An Overview

HRC fuses are used in circuits where the current is high.  HRC stands for High Rupturing Capacity. 

The HRC fuse consists of a porcelain body containing silica sand.  The fuse element is enclosed in a porcelain body.  The HRC fuse differs from a normal fuse in that it contains silica sand.HRC fuses

When high currents are interrupted, a powerful arc occurs.  This arc needs to be quenched.  The HRC fuse does this by using the silica sand.  The high temperature generated by the arc causes the silica sand to fuse.

This absorbs the heat energy of the arc and the arc is extinguished. 

The HRC fuse has a tin alloy in the fuse section.  This enables precise operation at a specified overcurrent value.

The advantages of the HRC fuse are quick action, ability to interrupt high currents and reliable operation.