Electrical Safety Mats

Electrical Safety Mats are important safety equipment.  Safety mats protect personnel from electric shock by providing an insulated surface to work on.  If the worker comes in contact with a live conductor by mistake, he will not get an electric shock as his feet are insulated from the ground by the safety mat.Electrical Insulation Mats

Safety mats come in different colours.  They are usually made of rubber.  The surface of the mats is ribbed to provide an anti-slip surface to workers. 

Safety mats are also designed to resist aging and ozone. 

Safety mats should also be age and fire resistant.

Safety mats come in different voltage ratings.   They should also be resistant to acids and oils. 

The following is the list of mats and their working voltages


Class of Mats Working Voltage Colour
0 1000 Red
1 7500 White
2 17000 Yellow
3 26500 Green
4 36000 Orange


The most common class of safety mats is the type 0 which is rated for a working voltage of 1000 V.