How are Choppers Classified

There are wide range of choppers which are used for different applications.  These circuits differ in the voltage level, method of functioning and the output waveform.

Choppers can be classified into the following types

Step Up or Step Down Choppers

Step up Choppers, as the name suggests, step up the voltage.  These choppers are used when the voltage has to increased to a higher level.

AC and DC Choppers

Choppers can be classified into AC and DC choppers depending on the supply

Circuit Operation

On the basis of Circuit Operation, Choppers can be classified into

  • First Quadrant
  • Second Quadrant and
  • Fourth Quadrant

On the Basis of Commutation

  • Impulse Commutated Choppers
  • Voltage Commutated Choppers
  • Current Commutated Choppers
  • Load Commutated Choppers

Depending on the Direction of Current

Class A

Class B

Class C

Class D and

Class E

In recent times, Choppers are usually classified based on their application such as switched mode power supplies, Class D Electronic Amplfiers, etc.