Wear Resistant Coating

Wear is the loss of material due to friction with another surface caused by motion.  Wear causes weakening of components and ultimately breakdown of materials. 

Wear resistance, therefore, is a highly desirable property in materials.  Wear can be minimized by selecting proper materials which can withstand the expected wear during the design stage itself.

Nevertheless, no matter how good the material selection is, there will always be some wear during operation.

Wear resistant coatings increase the wear resistance by forming a protective layer over the surface experiencing friction.  These coating can be applied as a spray or by means of a special forming process.

There are different types of wear resistant coatings. Ceramic Coatings, Phenolic coatings, Polymer and Epoxy coatings are some of the types of coatings available. 

The type of coating is chosen based on the working environment and the degree of protection desired.