What is an Abrasive Cleaner?

An Abrasive Cleaner is a cleaner which removes stains, tarnish and dirt from the surface of an object. Abrasive cleaners consist of abrasive particles or physical abraders.  When an Abrasive cleaner is rubbed against the surface, the friction causes the dirt to come off.

Sandpapers, Steel Wool and scrubbing pads are known as physical abraders.  Abrasive Cleaners can be classified into three types based on their abrasive properties.

Mild Abrasives
These are used to cleans surfaces which have dirt which comes off easily.  Examples are vessels used in cooking such as pots and pans and the interior surface of ovens.

Moderate Abrasives 
These are used for stubborn dirts which cannot be removed using mild abrasives.  They should be used with care as they can damage the surface.  Steel wools and pumice stones are examples of Moderate Abrasives

Strong Abrasives
These are abrasives which are used to remove coarse dirt which has hardened to the surface.  They can cause damage to the surface.  They should be used with discretion.  Examples are Steel Wools