Arduino - An Overview

Arduino is an open source platform used in embedded systems. Arduino has its own hardware and software. Since it is an open source project, it is used for numerous projects by many hundreds of people around the world.  The Layout and the production files are available in the public domain.

The Arduino board is powered by the Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller.  The Flash memory and other features may vary among different boards.

Programming the Arduino
The program for the Arduino can be written in any high level programming language with a compiler which can generate machine level code for Arduino.  However, Arduino has its own IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  The Arduino can be used using the IDE.  A program for the Arduino is called the sketch.

Programs can be written using the C and C++ language

Arduino has a well developed ecosystem consisting of numerous manufacturers and developers.  Many professional projects can be built with Arduino.  There are many peripherals such as sensors and actuators which can be linked to the Arduino to create a range of products from robots to security systems.

Many manufacturers and hobbyists create projects based on Arduino.

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