Hot Sticks

Hot sticks are hand-held rods made of insulating material.  Hot sticks are used to work on electric equipment and conductors at very high voltages.  They allow the maintenance crew to conduct a wide range of activities on high power lines without the need to de-energize them.  
Hotsticks have special sockets on which a range of tools can be mounted and operated.  They can be used for tightening bolts on clamps, rewiring fuses, cutting trees which grow too close to the conductors.  These tools are made of fibreglass.  In earlier times, they were made of wood which had been specially treated with chemicals.

Power tools can also be used with Hot Sticks.  Hydraulic accessories are available which can operate the power tools.  These hydraulic accessories are self insulating.  Telescope models are also available which have poles which slide over one another. 

It is important that Hot sticks should be used only along with the regular personnel protective equipment such as gloves, shoes, etc.