Rubber Insulation Mats

Rubber insulating mats are used to protect workmen against electric shock.  These mats are placed in front of high voltage panels and bus bar panels.  Rubber Insulation mats provide insulation from the ground.  The Rubber mats should also provide slip protection.  These mats are available in different voltage ratings(classes 0 to 4). 

The classification is as follows.

Class 1  -    7000V
Class 2  -    17000V
Class 3  -    26500V
Class 4  -    36000V

They are also available as Type 1(elastomeric without ozone protection) or Type II(Type IIA is resistant to ozone while Type IIB is resistant to fire).  The design and construction of Rubber Insulation mats is governed by ASTM D178 (ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials, it has now been renamed ASTM International).

The mats are usually provided with an eyelet with which they can be fastened to the floor.  The eyelet is made of a non insulating material.

Rubber mats are widely used in factories, power plants, switch yard.