Air Break Switches

Air Break Switches are special switches designed isolate a circuit.  The are usually employed in out door installations.  Special Arcing Horns are provided to quench the arc which occurs when the current is interrupted.  These switches are usually operated by a handle which is located at the ground level.  Their operation can also be mechanised. 

Air Break Switches should not be used to interrupt load currents. They are isolating devices.   They can, however, be used to interrupt small currents such as the exciting current of a transformer or the capacitive charging current of a long transmission line.  A variation of the Air Break Switches is the Load Switch which can interrupt current on load as it has special arc quenching device. 

Air Break Switches can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.  These switches usually have a rugged construction as they are exposed to the weather.  Air Break Switches are usually found in groups of three, one for each phase.  These groups are opened together.  Hence, they are also known as gang-operated switches. 

Air Break Switches have been designed upto 135 kV