Jogging and Inching in Motors

Jogging refers to repeated starting and stopping of a motor in short bursts to perform a particular movement such as moving a crane to a particular location. The motor is operated on full power.  Special Jogging circuits are available. 

Inching is similar to Jogging and the two are often confused with each other.  Inching involves short thrusts of motion at reduced power.  The motor is made to run at a reduced voltage. 

Jogging should not be done more than 5 times in a minute.  This is because jogging can cause the motor to overheat.  If Jogging is to be done frequently, the starter of the motor should be derated. 
Special Jogging Blocks are also available which prevent the motor from being jogged more than 5 times an hour by logging the number of starts per hour. 
A simple jogging Circuit