Lockout /Tagout

Lockout Hasp

Lockout/Tagout system is a set or procedures which prevent the accidental energization of electric equipment during maintenance.  Lockout Kits contain many types of locking systems such as 2 - Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockouts Breaker Lockouts which can be used to lock a breaker against operation. 

Wall Switch Lockouts prevent the operation of wall mounted switches.  Plug Lockouts prevent plugs from being connected to power sockets.  Lockout Hasps have multiple locking facility.  When more than one person is working on a machine, say, a transformer.  Each individual needs to place a lock on the Hasp.  This prevents the machinery from being energized until all people have finished their work.

Lockout Padlock with unique key

 The Lockout kit also contains a set of padlocks.  Each padlock has its own unique key.

Lockout for Plugs
When it is not possible to lock out an equipment, Tag out procedures should be followed.  Conspicuous tags should be placed.  The Tag or the lock should only be removed by the person placing it

Lockout for MCB
         All installations should have clear Lockout/Tagout policies. Employees should be trained on proper implementation of these systems

Lockout Tag