Lugs in wiring

Lugs are components which are widely used in electrical wiring.  They are used to connect cables to terminals.  Lugs enable quick disconnection of cables and reconnection.  They also protect the uninsulated ends of wires and cables.

Besides, they enable proper contact between terminals and wires.  Lugs are available in a wide range of shapes.  Some common types are the pin type lugs generally used in push type connections, fork type lugs are used in screw terminals and circular lugs. 

Lugs also serve to enable the connection of cables with large cross-sections to smaller terminals. Lugs are usually made of aluminium or copper.  They are tin plated to prevent oxidation.  The lugs are joined to the wire or cable by crimping, soldering or welding.   Some lugs are provided with PVC sheaths to protect against electric shocks.  Lugs are annealed to offer better ductility.
Circular Lug

Some lugs have inspection holes which enable full insertion of the cable into the lug .