Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries are batteries which can be discharged to very low levels.  These batteries are generally used where continuous use of the battery is required such as  in battery operated vehicles such as golf carts, floor sweepers and forklifts.  
The deep cycle battery differs from other batteries in its construction. The plates of the battery  are thicker as compared to the sponge type plates of other batteries.  

The use of solid plates with lower surface area  in the deep cycle battery means that the battery cannot give  sudden pulses of high current as may be required for batteries used in applications vehicle starting.  The deep cycle battery is designed to provide a high current over a long period. 

Deep Cycle batteries are widely used in the field of renewable energy.  They can be used to store energy from solar panels during the day and can be discharged during the night.  Deep Cycle batteries usually have a higher C rating (refer article on C rating).  This enables them to be discharged over many hours.