Water cooled busbars

Water cooled bus bars are used in induction heating applications where the bus bar carrying currents is subjected to extreme temperature.  The currents used in induction heating is usually very high of the order of kilo amperes.  

Water cooled bus bars are also used to build power electromagnets which require very high currents.  Such electromagnets are generally used for research purposes. 

In such hot environments, the bus bar which is carrying heavy current should be continually cooled to prevent it from melting due to the external heat.  Demineralized water is circulated through holes drilled through the bus bars.  

The temperature of the water should be maintained below the boiling point of water.  This is because the water can flash to steam above the boiling point and the high pressure created can damage the bus bar. 

Corrosion is a issue in water cooled bus bars.  The water quality should be constantly monitored to prevent corrosion.