Headlight Aimers - An Overview

A headlamp aimer is a means to check both the orientation and intensity of a vehicle headlamp. It is used to ensure that the headlamp meets a minimum standard for the country of use of the vehicle.

A headlight aimer comprises of a fully adjustable single optical collimated light lens assembly. This assembly is rail mounted and designed to prevent any distortion of the optical lens supporting structure during general use.

The optical lens is designed to accurately focus all types of vehicle headlamp. It is completely adjustable in the vertical plane; achieved by mounting it to a vertical column. The measurement travel of the optical lens used in the aimer is between the heights of 500mm and 1500mm, allowing the testing of all types of vehicles.

Finally, a mirror or laser at the top of the lens mounting column allows the headlight aimer to be aligned with the longitudinal axis of the presented vehicle.