What is an Abrasive Disc?

Abrasive Disc is a disc of abrasive material that rotates in a tool such as a sander. Abrasive discs are used usually for use in stock removal, blending, finishing and polishing applications. 

Abrasive discs use the combination of several minerals, resin systems and backings for better functionality. This combination results in a wide range of products to meet various requirements for use on most wood, metal, composite, gel coat, painted substrates or hard‑to‑grind materials.

The discs are generally manufactured using a composite material with coarse-particle aggregate pressed and attached together using a cementing matrix to give it a solid, circular shape. Depending on the intended usage of the disc, various forms and cross sections are available. 

Abrasive Discs may also be built using a solid steel or aluminium disc with particles bonded to the surface. Most abrasive discs are artificial composites of artificial aggregates, but initially natural composite stones (millstones) were also used.