Laminar and Turbulent Flow

What is Laminar Flow in liquids ?

When the flow of a liquid is smooth and regular, the flow is called laminar flow. The laminar flow is a flow in which each liquid particle has a definite path.  These paths do not cross with one another.  Laminar flow is also called streamlined flow.

There are no cross currents or eddies in laminar flow.  The different layers of the fluid slide over one another. These layers of fluid are called laminae, hence the term, laminar flow.

Laminar flow occurs at low velocity with liquids with high velocity.

Laminar flow occurs when the Reynolds number is low.

What is Turbulent Flow ?

In turbulent flow, the velocity and the direction of the fluid particles vary from time to time.  The particles do not have a specified path and move in a haphazard and irregular manner.  Turbulent flow is also called eddy flow.

Examples of turbulent flow are the flow in rivers, the wind and the blood flow in arteries.