Power System Analysis

A Power System Analysis is a very important exercise in the design and operation of a power system.  The Power System Analysis is used to evaluate the performance of a power system. 

Power System Analysis deals, chiefly, with three important parts

They are

  1. Load Flow Analysis
  2. Short Circuit Analysis and 
  3. Stability Analysis

A Power System Analysis helps the following aspects.

  1. Study the ability of the system to respond to small disturbances caused by the application/removal of small or large loads.
  2. Design of the breakers and isolating equipments.
  3. Plan for future expansion of the power system
  4. Study the response of the system to different fault conditions.
  5. Observe and monitor the voltage, real and reactive power betwee different buses.
  6. Calculate the setting of the relays and the design of the protection system.