Classification of air compressors

Air compressors compress the air in the atmosphere to a high pressure and deliver it to a storage vessel.  This compressed air is used in a wide range of applications, such as, manufacturing, control systems, medicine, etc.

Compressors can be classified on the basis of different criteria.

They are

based on the mechanism of opertion.

  1. Rotary compressor 
  2. Reciprocating compressor

based on action

  1. Single acting
  2. Double acting

based on the number of stages

  1. Single stage
  2. Multi stage

based on pressure limit

  1. Low pressure compressor (delivery pressure up to 1 bar)
  2. Medium pressure compressor (delivery pressure from 1 to 8 bar)
  3. High pressure compressor  (delivery pressure up to 10 bar)

based on capacity

  1. Low capacity compressors
  2. High pressure compressors