Aneroid Barometer

Aneroid Barometer are a portable form of barometer.  The aneroid barometer does not use a barometric liquid like mercury.  Instead, of the liquid it has a corrugated metal sheet which deforms depending on the shape of the machine. 

The Aneroid Barometer gets its name from the shape of the Aneroid Capsule inside the instrument.  The Aneroid Capsule is an evacuated circular corrugated disc.  Aneroid Barometer

The corrugated disc deforms under air pressure.  A mechanism of gears and linkages is used to convey the deflection to a pointer across a dial.

The Aneroid Barometer is an extremely handy instrument.  It can be used in any orientation. 

A modified form of the Aneroid Barometer is used as the Altimeter to indicate the Altitude ( See Article).

The Aneroid Barometer is sensitive to temperature.  The metallic components used in its construction expand and contract with the temperature.  Hence, to compensate for the variation due to the temperature, a bimetallic strip is used.

The disadvantages of the Aneroid barometer are

  • It is less precise than a mercury barometer
  • It requires frequent calibration